The original task of the NCGSS was to assist the Department of Defence in the implementation of the recommendations of the Hamilton Report particularly with respect to the creation of the Australian Defence Families Information and Liaison Service (ADFILS). (ADFILS would absorb elements of the existing Navy Personal Services, Army Community Services and some RAAF administrative functions. As of 1 July 1996 the Defence Community Organisation was created to take over the responsibilities of ADFILS.) The NCGSS comments and recommendations presented to the Hamilton Implementation Team were well considered and a number of their suggestions were incorporated into the Team’s final report.

Post Hamilton Report, the group has continued to provide a forum for the views of Defence spouses and their families by holding, in addition to national meetings, regular meetings at local and regional levels. Concerns expressed at these meetings are relayed to the appropriate area in Defence through the Convenor.

Primarily, the aim of the group has always been to improve the quality of life of Defence families and therefore the serving Member by:

  • Representing the diversity of today’s Defence families;
  • Providing independent, accurate and honest advice to Government;
  • Providing a recognised forum for the views of Defence families;
  • Reporting and making recommendations to the Minister responsible for Defence Personnel and the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF);
  • Influencing policy making that directly affects ADF families.
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