CDF's Address

Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin AC

Chief of the Defence Force

Being a member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is a unique experience - not only for the individuals in uniform, but for their parents, partners and children who are also asked to accept the distinct challenges associated with military life. As an organisation, we recognise the importance of family and we value the enormous contribution our Defence families make to the ADF. That is why I am committed to delivering the programs and services required to sustain the health and welfare of our people and their families at home and on operations. Defence Families Australia (DFA) plays a significant role in ensuring we meet this commitment.

As Defence families, we all experience issues such as managing relocations, finding accommodation and employment opportunities for partners and how to access support services. While good support mechanisms exist, we cannot simply accept what we did five or even 10 years ago. We need new and innovative solutions to address contemporary and emerging challenges facing our Defence families.

DFA works regionally within their networks to identify and raise those issues which affect ADF personnel and their families. They act with Defence families at heart reminding us that every decision we make about a person in uniform also affects their family. Through its liaison with Defence and Government, DFA ensures Defence families have a
voice in that decision making process. This advocacy function produces outcomes of mutual benefit to individuals and their families as well as the ADF.

I encourage all Defence families to get to know DFA to understand what the organisation can offer you.

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