DFA/DCO/DEST initiative to introduce a Digital Student portfolio on CD ROM. This CD is child friendly and enables Defence children to input their reports, examples of work and be a CD history of their education. This CD also has the ability, very importantly, to produce reports to be given to the new teacher/schools upon relocation.

DFA provided full support to DCO in their submission to successfully expand the DSTA program in size into the High schools.

DFA sit on the FSFP committee and are intimately involved in deciding on the allocation of funding. DFA see this as a vitally important area as we have on the ground feedback from our network on how the community centres are running and what their needs are.

DFA were successful in obtaining recognition for the volunteers in team in the form of training for the DFA Executive. All new ND’s to DFA will be able to access training in a Certificate IV in Government – HR & Advocacy. This initiative has been well supported by Defence.

DFA developed a Corporate Plan and Communications Strategy. This has enabled DFA to focus its resources and to give full transparency of our agenda.


In follow on from our Annual Conference in August, the new Minister for Defence Personnel The Hon. Dan Tehan MP asked DFA to prioritise their key issues for advocacy moving forward into 2017. DFA will be working with the Minister, Chief of the...


The National Executive have had a busy year raising awarenss of DFA and representing Defence Families at both a local, regional and national level. Through our ongoing consultation with local command, stakeholders and families, DFA continue to...


2014 has been a busy year with a new convenor commencing in April. It has been a year to strengthen relationships with the Assistant Minister for Defence, the new Chief of Defence Force and stakeholders and policy makers who influence changes to...


This has been a year of significant progress on a number of issues that families have raised. It has seen implementation of programs that DFA has lobbied for and supported over many years, as well as approval of new ideas and funding for family...


Letting Families decide whether they require deployment support. Previously, the member was responsible for electing DCO to access their family for support during deployment. DFA has seen the removal of this selection box from the pre-deployment...
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