This has been a year of significant progress on a number of issues that families have raised. It has seen implementation of programs that DFA has lobbied for and supported over many years, as well as approval of new ideas and funding for family support in a shrinking budget climate.

  • Expedited citizenship for families of lateral transfers has been implemented after many years of lobbying.
  • Live-in childcare is now permitted in service residences, without loss of entitlement.
  • The ADF Family Health Trial is to be offered to all Defence families nationwide, assisting with cost of basic and allied health care needs.
  • Improvements made in accessibility and visibility of family support information: prominent links on Defence home page for families; DCO is on Facebook; DVA improvements with At Ease website, production of apps and YouTube videos.
  • The early stages of a Parents Support Network has begun development in the ACT, filling a gap for these families.
  • Defence Family Pins were developed and available to families by contacting the National Welfare Coordination Centre (NWCC).
  • Veterans and Veterans’ Families Counselling Service (VVCS) eligibility has been expanded to include non-warlike service, including Operation Resolute and their families.
  • Research ideas into the impact on family when caring for wounded and injured is being discussed.
  • Community Grants funding have been approved in a shorter time frame this year.


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