Key Organisations

Defence Community Organisation

Defence Community Organisation offers a broad range of programs and services to help Defence families make the most of the challenges and opportunities provided by the military way of life.

The best way to access any of these services is to contact the all-hours Defence Family Helpline, staffed by qualified human services professionals including social workers and psychologists, on or 1800 624 608.

Also visit

The Defence Community Organisation provides a wide range of information and assistance using a model of brief intervention and referral to the most appropriate form of more specialised support. This model entails an initial assessment of the issues presented and then tailored assistance to address those issues. This may mean resolution with the Defence Family Helpline team, referral to a DCO Area Office team, or referral to other providers, such as the Veterans' and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) or other community based service providers.

DCO provides support in the following areas:

  • Support during deployment and time apart
  • Support during relocation
  • Partner employment and education
  • Children’s education
  • Childcare
  • Dependants with special needs
  • Emergency and crisis support
  • Community Connection
  • Transitioning to civilian life
  • Services for Reservists
  • Services for Command

National Welfare Coordination Centre (NWCC)

The National Welfare Coordination Centre (NWCC) provides a 24-hour point of contact and information service for members and for families of personnel deployed on or in support of operations and on designated exercises. It is staffed by Navy, Army and Air Force personnel who can answer your questions or direct your query to the appropriate agency.

All deploying members are required to complete a Family Registration Form available through webforms which is lodged with the NWCC. This form provides the names, addresses and telephone numbers of emergency contacts, and details any family circumstances, which Defence should be aware of, and that might affect the support required by the family during the absence of the member.

National Welfare Coordination Centre All Hours Telephone Line: 1800 801 026


The All-hours Support Line (ASL) 1800 628 036.

The ASL is a confidential telephone service for ADF members and their families that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ASL is designed as a triage line, which simply means that it is there to help you access ADF or civilian mental health services more easily. Services that you can access include psychology, medical, social work, and chaplain services.

1800 IM SICK

If an ADF member requires urgent medical treatment, members and their families should call
1800 IM SICK (1800 467 425).

The IM SICK line provides advice to ADF members regarding the location of the nearest Defence health unit. If a Defence health unit is not available in the local area then the line will provide a referral number for the ADF member to attend a civilian health service.

ADF Joint Health Command

ADF Joint Health Command is responsible for all healthcare services for the ADF member including preparation for and support to deployed members. Visit the Joint Health Command website to also get information on alcohol, drugs and mental health.



Defence Chaplains provide regular support to full-time and part-time ADF members and their families both at home and in the workplace. They are trained professionals who are able to provide pastoral care and counselling to members and their families, for issues such as bereavement, separation due to military service (training, posting, exercise or deployment), interpersonal conflict, pre-marriage and relationship preparation and family or marital disharmony.

Visit the Army website to read more about the range of services offered by Army Chaplains and how to make contact in your location.

Visit > Army-life > Health-and-welfare > Chaplaincy-support

Visit the Navy website to read more about the range of services offered by Navy Chaplains and how to make contact in your location.

Visit > about > our-people > counselling-religion

Veteran and Veterans Families Counselling Service

ADF members who have served in eligible operations may be referred to the Veteran and Veterans Families Counselling Service by their health unit or chain of command. Families and recently separated partners of eligible members can contact VVCS without a referral for assistance with counselling or a range of relationship issues. Counselling and group programs are fully funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Visit the VVCS website which includes locations of VVCS centres in each state and factsheets on many topics including depression, anxiety and PTSD.
Call 1800 011 046, available 24 hours a day, or visit a VVCS centre.

Visit > health and wellbeing > health programs > VVCS or click on the quick link on the parent page.

Toll Transitions

Toll Transitions will assist with coordinating your relocation requirements including:

  • Booking your travel and temporary accommodation
  • Arranging your uplift and delivery of household goods and personal effects
  • Organising long or short term storage
  • Arranging your entitlements and allowances
  • Notifying Defence Housing Australia (DHA) of your intention to relocate, so that they can commence your Homefind and vacation process (if applicable).

Call 1800 819 167 go to the Toll Transitions Defence Website for a step-by-step guide on the relocation process.


Defence Housing Australia

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) provides housing and related services for Defence members and their families – they will support you and your family throughout your tenancy, from moving in, living in, and moving out of your home.

Call DHA on 139 DHA (139 342) between 8.30 am and 5 pm EST Monday to Friday.

View the DHA website for more information.

Visit > Services for ADF members

Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc

The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc is a non-profit benevolent volunteer organisation established to assist Navy, Army and Air Force families with a family member with special needs. The group provides support, information, assistance and advocacy for all Defence Families who have a dependant (child, spouse or other dependant) with special needs.

Call 1800 037 674 or visit their website.

Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN)

The Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), contains full details on all entitlements and allowances to ADF members and their families and is available on the Defence website.

Visit > Community > Information for Families > Pay and Conditions Website > PACMAN > Chapter 7

ADF Financial Consumer Council

The ADF Financial Consumer Council has produced a wide range of financial education resources aimed at ADF members including booklets, videos and online tools. This is a support service and does not supply personal financial advice.


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