Defence Relocations and Housing Managers

Do you know there is someone in Defence who can assist you with your housing and relocation? There are Defence Relocations and Housing Managers (DRHM) in locations around Australia and they can provide advice and guidance if you have issues or questions arising out of relocations and housing service delivery.

Housing blog(4).png

DRHMs undertake a wide array of tasks like:

  • Provide relocation and housing advice to members and their families,
  • Maintain customer/provider relationships by participating in regular meetings and discussions with Toll Transitions and DHA managers to identify trends and improve services.
  • Resolve issues raised by members regarding housing provision, maintenance, allocation, itinerary management and removals, and
  • Assist members and their families resolve disputes with Toll Transitions or DHA from the provision of removal and housing services.

Your DRHM is available to answer questions on your relocation and housing but there are tools that will assist you.  They include the Defence Relocations Guide available on the Toll Transitions website, the DHA Residence Agreement and Tenant Handbook if you are living in a DHA home, and ServiceConnect, available on the Defence Intranet.

If you have any feedback on relocations and/or housing you can contact your DRHM, DHA or TOLL or you may be invited to provide feedback by your DRHM or through Defence, DHA or TOLL surveys.

The DRHM network wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Your local DRHM can be found below.

Location Email Name Phone
ACT Anton Pecovnik 0404 823 766
NSW eigservicedelivery.
Jeff Harrison 0429 127 084
Roger Lamothe 0413 728 512
Steve Daley 0428 441 808
Sara Holtham 0408 481 880
Carmen Azzopardi 0408 972 933
NT Melanie Robson 0438 418 822
    James Muir 0458 241 867
QLD Jenny Shard 0402 824 035
Melissa Carlyle 0407 134 512 Jenny Shard 0402 824 035
Kerry Jack 0409 587 028
Robyn Edwards-Shipway 0459 821 472
SA Tony Ritter 0408 846 778
TAS Tracey Pannell 0418 651 744
VIC / Riverina


Lea Gayfer 0439 452 291
Debra Hatfield 03 5146 6069
WA eigservicedelivery.
Allan Purdue 0408 970 557
Kim Jeffrey 0408 978 979


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