Defence Health supports families

Did you know at you can search for a doctor by name, by speciality, or by location?

The Healthshare directory can also identify doctors who have agreed to use Access Gap in the past. Access Gap helps to cut the cost of medical treatment for people going to hospital. When a doctor uses Access Gap, a privately insured patient will have either no, or a low, out-of-pocket expense for the in-hospital medical treatment.

Defence Health also has search engines for its network of dentists and optometrists, as well as a search function of general treatment providers (like physios, occupational therapists and speech pathologists) who are registered for on-the-spot claims.

For more information please contact Defence Health on 1800 335 425 or go to the website

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Defence Families of Australia

National Advocacy body for current ADF families. We are all partners of current serving members.

One thought on “Defence Health supports families

  1. I don’t think it existed when hubby was in full time. I’m so please to see something like this is set on place especially for those who are posted often.

    I am a special needs dependent and back then it was difficult. For one thing I wasn’t a child with a special need and I think I was often put into the “too hard basket”. We learned to deal with everything health for ourselves, except for housing but that’s another story.


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