Why a First Five Years Webinar?

Over the month of March DFA is hosting a First Five Years webinar for families of each of the three Services. We’ve asked the Deputy Service Chiefs to talk about what to expect from a Services perspective such as how much the member will be away and in what locations. And we’ve asked the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and the Chaplains to share top tips for keeping a relationship strong in these circumstances.

Here are our top 5 reasons for hosting a First Five Years Webinar:

Reason 1: Families are asking for this kind of information

We know that families are seeking this information so we want you to hear it from the best sources.  Don’t be intimidated by the rank and title of a Deputy Service Chief – people are their space.

Reason 2: We want you ready for this unique Defence life.

Defence life is unique: few other professions are moved as often, deployed as often or in danger in operational environments as often. Your individual journey as a family member will be unique too as you have your own circumstances, personality, values and expectations. Increasing your understanding of how each Service works and taking on board guidance by service providers who have experience in helping families, will help you to make informed decisions about your life and relationship. 

Reason 3: Relationships matter

DFA defines family as a person who happens to care deeply for someone in the ADF. In addition to life’s general hiccups, Defence life will likely stress that relationship at times. Help it through the stress by learning valuable techniques such as communications tools from the get-go.

Reason 4: You don’t have to leave home

We are using technology to increase the accessibility of this information. You can log in from a location that suits you, wearing whatever you want. Or nothing at all if you fancy because the participant video will be turned off. Questions will be asked by typing in the chat room. 

Reason 5: Be a part of something new

No one’s tried webinars for families like this. Be a part of history and then please tell us what you think afterwards. 

To register for a webinar

Please note – all COVID-19 advice was accurate at time of recording


This webinar has concluded.
Recording and more information


This webinar has concluded
Recording and Information


This webinar has concluded
Recording and Information

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Defence Families of Australia

National Advocacy body for current ADF families. We are all partners of current serving members.

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