20150515raaf8157095_008.t55551d32.m600.xe7826df2.jpgA message to Defence Families from
ACM Mark Binskin and Mrs Gitte Binskin

Over the years our own family has changed and matured through various phases; from single through to married with dependants and today, we are Defence parents. Like your family, our family has followed the posting cycle, endured relocations, accepted deployments and at times, we have called on our extended ‘Air Force Family’ to assist.

Our experience means we recognise the variety of family constructs that exist within the Defence community and we know the critical role Defence Families perform in supporting Australian Defence Force personnel.

We also understand the many challenges you and your family face. However, just as every family is unique, so too are the issues we confront. It is essential that the Defence community has a strong advocate to speak on our families’ behalf. Defence Families Australia plays an important role in ensuring we consider you and your family in our decision making.

We need innovative solutions to today’s challenges and the best solutions will come from those who are directly affected and who fully understand the issues.  We encourage you to get to know what services and support DFA has to offer your family, and to consider how you might also contribute to this important work.

ACM Binskin, CDF
07 Sep 17