Advocating for Defence families

Australian Military Bank – an ADF Partner Friendly Employer

Having been founded in 1959 as originally the Navy Co-Op Ltd at Garden Island Sydney, Australian Military Bank has for over 60 years been proudly assisting members of the ADF, their families and friends in a wide range of financial services.

Being a member based organisation, with nearly 60,000 members, and with many of them bonded to the wider Defence Community,  our utmost goal is to ensure those members are able to deal with an organisation that understands the Military way of life and support them in that journey. That not only applies through the financial service proposition but also takes the form of many support activities across the country in the way of sponsorships, events and donations to varying Defence bonded communities. 

Having branches located at most of the largest Defence Force bases across Australia, our reach to our bonded community is essential in providing Financial literacy and support through a dedicated team that also includes spouses of those serving within the ADF. Understanding the journey those ADF members partake in, and how important it is to engage with not just them, but those family members’, drives us to ensure our engagement and support is available when needed.

Our team members who are employed with us, and are Defence spouses, are integral in supplying updates on Community requirements and keep the organisation relevant in this space.

Where possible, we continue to engage these staff should postings take them away from their current location and allow them to have the comfort knowing they can continue to secure employment during such transitions. 

Understanding that Defence Partners may not have the required skill set, may be short term depending on posting cycle and may have extensive resumes is understood as potential roadblocks for employment by prospective candidates.

We look at that differently and whilst certain qualifications are required to be in the financial industry, the organisation does pay for those qualifications to be achieved and encourages candidates who have other varying employment skills to utilise them in our sector.

We promote employment opportunities through our branch networks and on base through the local systems, to attract potential employees who may have just relocated to their new location.

At Australian Military Bank we have a long history of being supportive of the niche demographic we are honoured to be in. We have for all that time employed Defence spouses in varying roles, and the longevity of our organisation and ongoing desire to be strongly engaged and supportive of that demographic is always front of mind.

Thank you to Australian Military Bank for your support of ADF Partner Employment.

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