National Delegate: Victoria Hall


Victoria joined DFA in January 2018 as the National Delegate for SA. Victoria enlisted into the Australian Army in 2006 as an Administration Clerk and Driver. Over the following six years of service she undertook both Reserve and Full-time work throughout Queensland and Victoria.

Victoria posted into 2 RAR located in Townsville QLD where she completed her first operational deployment to East Timor in late 2009. In 2011 Victoria posted into 11 CSSB in Brisbane QLD where she decided to start her family and be there to support her husband Jonathan during his transfer from Army Rifleman to RAAF Air Combat Officer. Victoria discharged from the Army in 2012 to support her husband as he undertook RAAF Officer training in East Sale VIC. Victoria and her family relocated to Adelaide SA in 2014 as her husband undertook a posting to 92 Wing.

Victoria joined the North Eastern Defence Community in 2017 and spent 12 months as their Coordinator rebranding and building up the group at RAAF Base Edinburgh Community Centre.

With Victoria’s strong attachment to the Defence community she is driven by her passion to advocate for families and strives to give the families of South Australia a voice. It was this passion that has seen her be apart of many committees and participate in volunteer work throughout her many postings as serving member and spouse to continue her community engagement and always making the most of each posting for her and her family.

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