National Delegate: Ashley Smith

Hi my name is Ashley Smith and I am the newly appointed National Delegate for Western Australia and the Pilbara region for Defence Families of Australia.

I am myself the child of a Defence family with my parents having met when they were both serving in the RAAF.  I met my partner before he joined the Defence force, so I have been there from day one of recruit school to now.

Like many Defence families, we have relocated many times.  My 3-year-old son has lived in 4 states so far, and I definitely consider myself to be a bit of a pro at the short-notice move!  We have faced many of the usual challenges Defence families deal with through moving regularly, from difficulties finding housing, daycare spots and employment for myself, to the daunting task of making new connections in unfamiliar areas where you don’t know a single person.  I feel passionate about the work that DFA does in assisting families, and in giving the whole family unit a voice when it comes to some of the challenges of Defence life.

I am a caffeine fiend, tea, coffee, I don’t discriminate so long as it is strong and hot, and I look forward to hopefully getting to know many of the families of Western Australia over a coffee.  If you see me out do say hi, and if there is anything I may be able to assist you with please send me an email.

Follow our regional Facebook page and check out the Defence Community Hub for more information about Western Australia.

Contact Ashley on or phone 0428 561 008