National Delegate: Trish Dodds

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Hi my name is Trish Dodds and I am the newly appointed National Delegate for Western Australia and the Pilbara Region for Defence Families of Australia.

I was raised in a Defence family, where my father served for 36 years over 6 postings. I am now the proud wife of a military man with whom we have two young daughters. I have lived and breathed Defence family life and it is all I have ever known. With this I understand, personally and empathically , the challenges and hurdles this unique lifestyle brings.

It’s a true honor to have the opportunity to advocate for and represent Defence members and families of the west. I am very passionate about the need for community and support and will aim to attend as many events and visit community groups as possible throughout the year. So, If you see me out do say Hi, and if there is anything I may be able to assist you with please send me an email or call.

Follow our regional Facebook page and check out the Defence Community Hub for more information about Western Australia.

Contact Trish on [email protected] or phone 0428 561 008