Advocating for Defence families

Defence family life ‘is what you make of it’

A sunny outlook on life, a spirit for adventure and the support of their tight-knit family has made their time as a Defence family a positive one for Natalie and Eric.

Despite the challenges which come with being a Defence family, Eric’s Australian Army journey has overall been “a happy experience”.

The South African born couple’s oldest son Declan was recently accepted into the Army, inspired by his father’s own career.

“Joining the Army was one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said Eric, who joined seven years ago.

“It’s nice that I get to share this with my family.”

Natalie said while it’s had its challenges and tough times, particularly when the family were living apart (MWD(U)), it has also been a great journey and adventure.

“There is value in every experience,” said Natalie. 

“Defence family life is what you make of it.

“The kids have seen so much more of the country when compared to their peers, and I think they’ve enjoyed it.”

For their family interstate, their Defence postings have also been a chance for them to visit parts of Australia they would otherwise not see.

“They really make the most of seeing what all the different places have to offer,” said Natalie.

“We’ve all made some great friends along the way and continue to keep in touch. 

“We never know when our paths might cross again.”

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