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Employment and COVID-19

There is absolutely no doubt that we are currently in a period of crisis, however as Defence partners and families, we can take strength in the knowledge that our ability to adapt and overcome puts us in the best possible position to make the most of any situation we find ourselves in.

From an employment perspective, this can take a variety of forms.

For anyone who has previously considered utilising PEAP now might be a good time to take another look as Defence Community Organisation have amended the program to suspend certain eligibility conditions.

If your employer has previously been resistant to explore remote work or working from home options now is the time show how much more productive you can be when working from home.

And from a job search perspective, although the reality is that many people are losing their jobs, other employers are trying desperately to find staff as their businesses experience unprecedented demand.

Following is a list of employers, who are currently actively recruiting, in no particular order:

South Australia Health
Queensland Health
Services Australia
Bae Systems
Thales Group
Saab Group
GoodStart Early Learning
Albury City Council
Clayton Utz
Australian Military Bank
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Kinetic IT
Work Rehab

A Jobs Hub has also been established

A final thought from us, if you have ever thought about applying for a position but haven’t because you don’t think you meet all of the eligibility criteria, we would suggest that you apply anyway if you meet at least 75% – 80% of the stated criteria.

This is because you might have all of the other attributes, ‘soft skills’ or attitude they are looking for but haven’t articulated in the advert.

Stay Safe & Good Luck

Nejula Blake
DFA Project Officer – Employment

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