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Followup to Career Support Webinar

Last week we presented our very first webinar on Career Support for ADF Partners.

“The idea for the webinar stemmed from efforts to encourage collaboration between various stakeholders in supporting ADF partner career development/employment, facilitated by Amanda McCue who recently undertook a Churchill Fellowship on ADF partner employment.

The webinar focused on information about how ADF partners can make the most of the PEAP funding available to them. We appreciate CDAA offering the use of their webinar platform for the event and their support of ADF partner career development. Thank you also to the Defence Community Organisation.

Slides only from the event are available here.

The recording of the event with slides is available here.

It was the first time any of us had run a webinar before and the feedback was very positive. Thank you to all that attended.

The following is a summary with some keys slides from the presentation.

The panel

What type of career support can a career practitioner offer?

Why invest in Professional Career Support?

What type of employment services does PEAP cover?

Who is eligible for PEAP?

How to apply for PEAP

How to find out more

Developing career skills is only one part of the puzzle, we need to educate employers as well. 

Additional questions from last night’s webinar. If you have any others that need answering please email us on

If spouses don’t know where to start, can DCO assist in determining where PEAP is best focused for an individual?

DCO has human services professionals available to speak with, however they are not career specialists. The best idea is to look for a Career Practitioner (from the CDAA website) and ask them some questions to start.

Is there any support outside the 12 month period?

At this stage there is no additional financial support from DCO. Soldier On has some support for ADF spouses. RSL Queensland also has some support available for those living in Queensland.

Is there a cost for these services?

Yes there is a cost which can be covered for up to $1500 for eligible partners.

Would applying for an APS position with Defence help as a defence spouse?

At this stage, there are no official policies in place in government positions that support ADF spouses. This is something we would like to see changed. DFA has partnered with several employers who do support ADF Partner Employment.

We would love to run another webinar in the future.

Let us know on our Facebook page what topics you would like to see.

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