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Life is sweet for Townsville Defence family

On their first posting away from their families, new parents Danielle and Adam were a little nervous about how life would play out.

With their daughter Lilly, respective careers, three pugs and new town to navigate, it looked like things would be busy.

But months into their posting, the Defence family have settled comfortably into their new home and community in Townsville.

“As with everything, there’s been ups and downs, but having a bit of a network here has made it easier,” said Danielle.

Presently, Danielle works from home full-time, with the pugs keeping her company.

“There have been challenges with Lilly being so little, but she makes everything more rewarding,” said Adam.

“As long as I’m sure I’ve set Danielle and Lilly up right wherever we go, I’ll be fine.”

Adam left the mining industry to join the Air Force four years ago with his family’s encouragement.

“Danielle is a strong woman and I am lucky to have her,” he said.

The couple have been together for 10 years, and married for two years. 

While they are relatively early on in their journey as a Defence family, they are looking forward to what the future could bring.

“We could potentially be posted anywhere in Australia, and overseas, too,” said Adam.

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