DCO Community Coordinator Training

Our South Australian National Delegate Victoria has written a blog post about her experience at the recent Community Centre training she attended in Canberra. We were invited to attend the Defence Community Organisation (DCO), Coordinator training during July. This training saw 37 Community Centre Coordinators, DCO Family Liaison Officers and DFA Delegates come together in … Continue reading DCO Community Coordinator Training

Positions available

Are you a Defence partner based in Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth? Are you posting there in 2019? We are looking for three new National Delegates. One for South Australia (Adelaide based), one for Western Australia (Perth based) and one for Southern Queenslsnd (Brisbane based). National Delegates are the heart and soul of DFA’s advocacy work … Continue reading Positions available

ADF Family Health Program

A part of the DFA charter states that DFA informs Defence Families. Through this blog and via our social media channels we want to keep bringing to you information posts that will support families and assist in navigating Defence life. With special thanks to Joint Health Command for providing us with the guest blog post. … Continue reading ADF Family Health Program

Talking to a Chaplain

When you need support as a Defence family it’s good to know who you can talk to. Victoria, Our National Delegate in Western Australia spoke with Navy Chaplain Kelvin Harris from HMAS Sterling about his role as a Chaplain and how he supports Defence families. Why did you get into chaplaincy in the ADF? I … Continue reading Talking to a Chaplain

Partner Employment Initiatives

Today DFA added some very exciting new pages about partner employment to our website. We are passionate about the importance of our Defence partners gaining and maintaining meaningful employment as they encounter some of the challenges of this Defence life, such as moving. Based on the research we have done so far on this issue … Continue reading Partner Employment Initiatives