Do you have a will?

When you’re in a relationship with someone in the ADF, being apart from your loved one often just becomes the norm. It might be a deployment, course, exercise or you might be living as MWDU. (Member with Dependents Unaccompanied) Whatever the reason, Defence strongly encourages all ADF members to have a will and to consider … Continue reading Do you have a will?

What is ForceNet?

Is your partner about to deploy? Have you heard about ForceNet? For many years DFA has been listening to families about the importance of good communications between Defence and families. Earlier this year, ForceNet for Families was launched. ForceNet for families is a direct link to your Defence member’s ship/unit. ForceNet is a secure way for you … Continue reading What is ForceNet?

Early Childhood Teachers

Early Childhood Teachers – Cairns, QLD! Goodstart is Australia’s largest early learning provider.  As a not–for–profit social enterprise, we exist purely to improve the lives of Australia’s children and their families. Our people are our foundation, together we are working to ensure children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and … Continue reading Early Childhood Teachers