More Help with your Job Hunt

Have you ever considered using PEAP but are not sure where to start or what you might find most useful? If you’re not sure what we’re referring to when talking about PEAP, find out more about the Partner Employment Assistance Program. Defence has partnered with Right Management to provide career coaching and transition support for … Continue reading More Help with your Job Hunt

Generation Health – A Defence Partner Friendly Employer

Generation Health is a newly formed Australian company which brings together a number of high-quality well-established health brands. Through our brands, we deliver services across personal injury, occupational health, medico-legal and disability employment. Our nationwide teams of consultants are committed to delivering the best quality services – at the highest standards – to improve lives … Continue reading Generation Health – A Defence Partner Friendly Employer

Quarantine 2020 Style

Hearing the words ‘quarantine’ and ‘kids’ in the one sentence had ‘MWDU’ enter my mind like a flashing neon sign, while I pictured myself hiding in the dishwasher trying to get some space. Postings are hard enough and I wasn’t sure my undies could stretch any further from my stress eating, but they pulled through … Continue reading Quarantine 2020 Style