The following employers have expressed to Defence Families of Australia their willingness to attract and maintain Defence partners as employees.

A requirement of being featured on our website is that the employer has self-identified as being Defence partner employment friendly according to our checklist.

TickThe employers below meet all aspects of the checklist.


The employers below meets nearly all* aspects of the checklist and have expressed a willingness to be included as a Defence Partner Friendly Employer.

*paid maternity leave not available

DFA will be evaluating this initiative in 2020.

Partners are welcome to contact DFA to offer any feedback on these employers at: [email protected]

Read more at our blog post.

Green Dot The Fine Print

The employment relationship between Defence partners and their employers is a private one in which DFA and Defence has no involvement;
DFA and Defence provide no guarantee, warranty, representation or statement about the quality of the employers and the claims that they make;
DFA does not have the resources to check whether the employers listed here are compliant with the checklist;
Therefore, Defence partners should consider conducting private research about prospective employers;
Please contact DFA if you believe that an employer does not meet the criteria on the checklist;
DFA welcomes feedback – positive or negative. Your comments will help us improve this space in the interests of Defence partners.

Please contact DFA at: [email protected]