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PostingConnect – Providing a simpler posting experience

We have been asked by the PostingConnect team to share this article with our families.

Defence has developed a simple and modern platform that now supports members and their families through the posting process.

When the PostingConnect project team sat down and spoke to military families they frequently heard about the complexities and difficulties associated with posting. These were even more prominent for those posting for the first time. This resulted in a vision to provide a simple, intuitive and integrated platform to guide members and their families through the posting process.

So what is PostingConnect?

PostingConnect is an exciting initiative that provides a single platform from which your posting can be managed. Upon accessing PostingConnect you will be asked some quick questions about your posting requirements, so that you are provided with the tasks and information relevant to you.

PostingConnect is accessible on all devices including phones, tablets, and computers, and is available both on and off the Defence network. The site provides direct access into other posting services, including the Toll and Defence Housing Australia platforms, removing the need to login to multiple systems.

Access for Families

We are aware that partners, friends, and family members are often involved and directly impacted by the posting process. That’s why we have developed PostingConnect to support the ability for a ‘nominee’ to access the site and view all tasks, information, and support available. This enables a nominee, whether it be a member’s partner, friend, or family member, to assist with tasks such as finding accommodation.

Stay Informed

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