Advocating for Defence families

Postings during COVID-19 Restrictions

The news cycle is working faster than we can ever remember.

Rules about where we are allowed to go and what we are allowed to do are changing all the time.

We do know of some families where postings have been cancelled, postponed, or are looking different to what was expected.

It’s safe to say nothing about 2020 has been expected.

What happens if you are getting posted during this time?

Firstly. Take the time to read the Toll Relocation guide so you understand the basics of how a posting works.

Then, do some research into where you are coming from and where you are going to.

The advice will be different for each state or territory.

Keep checking with your state or territory government website regularly or with their social media pages as information can change quickly. You may need to download a border declaration depending on where you are relocating to. You may be required to quarantine.

The new PostingConnect platform will be available from 1st September 2020.

From this date, eligible members will receive an email inviting them to use PostingConnect within a week of receiving their posting order.For more information, visit the PostingConnect website:

Your Toll Case Manager will support and guide ADF Members and their families who are posting into a location that requires a quarantine period. Please do not hesitate to contact Toll with any concerns or uncertainty you have about your relocation.

If you have other questions, make sure you check in with Defence Housing Australia, Toll, or the Defence Family Helpline at Defence Community Organisation.

We’re also here to advocate for you should you need us.

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