Who to call in an emergency?

Definitions of Emergency: Macquarie Dictionary: An unforeseen occurrence; a sudden and urgent occasion for action. Defence partner: I‘m so sick I need to go to hospital, I have a young child, my ADF member is away and I just moved here so I know no one to help care for either me or my child. … Continue reading Who to call in an emergency?

What is CoWork CoPlay?

Claire Harris is working mum of one and an ADF partner who saw a need and created a CoWork CoPlay space in Canberra with support from Duntroon Community Centre. Claire has volunteered her time to this project for the benefit of the Defence and wider community. What is Cowork CoPlay? Cowork Coplay provides a space … Continue reading What is CoWork CoPlay?

Why do ADF Families use social media?

Excerpt from Dr Amy Johnson’s speech in conversation with Maree Sirois, DFA Convenor.– 2019 Defence Families Australia Annual Conference Dinner Dr Amy Johnson is a lecturer in Communications and Media at the University of Canberra. Amy was awarded a PhD from Central Queensland University for her thesis: Inside and Outside: An Investigation of Social Media … Continue reading Why do ADF Families use social media?