Advocating for Defence families

Thank you Defence School Mentors

ADF partner Mel was grateful for the support from her local Defence School Mentor, also called Mel, from Bohlevale State School in Townsville – she was inspired to write a poem for her.
Mel presented Mel with the framed poem and photos. There were tears! Thank you to the Defence School Mentors who support our Defence children.

Photos and poem published with permission.

I don’t know if you can quite see it
Or if you would even know,

How much all you have done is appreciated
Since you entered our school gates 2 years ago.

From the outside it may look easy
The job description is crystal clear,

Your role is to offer support to defence kids
Whether their serving parent is far away or near.

And help teach them to be brave & resilient
When times during separation are tough,

You offer a friendly face to come to
When starting a brand new school can be rough.

Always there cheering on the sidelines
When your students do well & succeed

You provide information to parents
About services available to them in times of need.

Always making time to hear parents voice concerns
Organising get togethers for new faces to meet,

Regular check ins for student welfare during absences
Or whilst new families are finding their feet.

You draw upon your experience in defence life
To help give guidance and problem solve,

Through your own undertaking you’ve made your role
One that has evolved.

Twice a year the spotlight shines brightly
On those who answered the call to serve,

You have organised many meaningful events
To give them the thanks that they deserve. 

What many may not see is the hard work
That goes on madly behind the scenes,

I know at times you feel exhausted
And are powered by passion for your job & lots of caffeine

For the entire school community
You have tried your very best

To ensure they get an insight into our military’s history
And occasionally include special guests.

Coordinating classroom visits from soldiers
With lots of interesting stories to share,

Seeing the students eyes light up in their company
Is, at times, almost too cute to bear.

Hearing the awed whispers from the preppies
As they wave excitedly to their new army friends,

Ensuring senior students know about options available 
To them when their school journey ends.

Hours and hours spent making poppies
So that they can be hung up on display,

Introducing Camo for A Cause for Legacy
Where students can wear Camo for the day.

You ensure to be inclusive
Whether your student’s parents wear green, grey or blue,

You help students to see that they are special
Not weird or different because of what their parents do.

Defence life at times isn’t easy 
But one thing I do know for sure,

Your students and their families are forever grateful
And in a Defence School Mentor they could not ask for more.

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