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The First Five Years as an ADF Partner: Navy

Over the month of March 2020 DFA hosted a First Five Years webinar for families of each of the three ADF Services.

We asked the Deputy Service Chiefs to talk about what to expect from a Services perspective such as how much the member will be away and in what locations. And we asked the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and the Chaplains to share top tips for keeping a relationship strong in these circumstances.

This post is a summary of the Navy webinar held Monday 30 March 2020

Please note: Any COVID-19 advice that was given was current as of this date

This webinar was aimed at Navy partners, however there is a lot in this for other service partners as well, particularly with some COVID-19 questions.

The webinar was hosted by our National Convenor, Maree Sirois.

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Recording is here

Summary of Webinar

Start – National Convenor of DFA – Maree Sirios

1 minute 40 seconds

Major General Natasha Fox

3 minutes 59 seconds

Rear Admiral Mark Hammond

23 minutes 15 seconds

Chaplain James Sutherland

40 minutes 20 seconds

Debbie from the Defence Family Helpline

49 minutes 30 seconds

Participant Questions


COVID-19 Resources

Defence Community Organisation
*How to get help*

Defence Update

Joint Health Command

Aus Goverment Updates

ForceNet Updates

Open Arms Mental Health Resources

Resources for ADF Families

The Defence Family Helpline
1800 624 608

This is the first point of call for support, information and connection with your Defence community. You can also email the Helpline on and receive a response within 24 hours. This helpline is located within the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) which also offers a broad range of programs and services to help Defence families.

Deployment Support Booklet

Defence Housing Authority (DHA)
139 342

Provides housing and services for ADF members and families.

Tenant Handbook

Toll Transitions (TOLL)
1800 819 167

Provides moving services for ADF members and their families

Relocation Guide

Open Arms
1800 011 046

Provides free counselling for members, veterans and their families.

ADF Family Health Program
1300 561 454

All recognised dependants of full-time ADF members are eligible to register for the National Family Health Program.

Defence Special Needs Group (DSNG)

A support group for ADF families with special needs.

Defence LGBTI Information Service (DEFGLIS)

Provides supports and represents ADF LGBTI personnel and their families.


An online communications platform for Defence to connect with members and families.

Chaplains – Army – Navy – Air Force

Provide support to members of the ADF and their families to work through a range of life issues, especially as they apply to military service.

To contact a Chaplain please call the Defence Service Centre on 1800 333 362 and ask for the Duty Chaplain in your area.

ADF Consumer Centre

Provides financial and consumer education service for ADF members and their families.

At Ease – Family (DVA)

DVA’s portal to online mental health information. It provides self-help tools and information to support mental health and wellbeing and is a gateway to websites and free mobile apps about stress, PTSD, alcohol management, resilience and suicide awareness and prevention.

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