Advocating for Defence families

Volunteer work in the Defence Community

Tell us about the group you volunteer for and your role.

I volunteer for Pearce Community Group, I am currently the secretary, previously I was the president and one of the founding members. We are still just a small group but aim to connect and support Defence families of the northern suburbs of Perth. 

How did you start volunteering?

We were talking with the DCO rep about a community group for the north and asked when it was going to be available, to which we were told when it is started and so began PCG. 

Why do you volunteer?

When we arrived in WA it was tough and the struggling feelings of coming to a new area with no support was at times overwhelming and isolating. PCG was formed so no one has to feel like they are alone again. 

What does your group mean to you?

It means community and connections with people in or who have been in similar situations that we face as a Defence family. It means a safe space for people to connect and ultimately support each other. 

Is there an event/activity that you are particularly proud of because of how it connected our Defence family community?

Oh just one, well one of our first morning teas on base I was about to go home as it was just Icarus (my son) and I, the we ended up meeting with two ladies who really needed that adult conversation we spent hours chatting and laughing like we had known each other for years. This really was the reason PCG was created and reinstalled why we were trying so hard.

Is there something you would like to say to others that are thinking of volunteering?

It only takes one! Sometimes you won’t get the numbers at events but if you can help just one family settle in then you have done so much more then you’ll ever know. Also sometimes it’s just about being there, available online or on the phone to connect local Defence families to each other. It’s not always easy but it is certainly worth it. Bonus you will meet friends life long friends.

Thanks Emiley for taking the time to talk to us. Defence partners getting the job done!

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