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Volunteering at Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc.

We recently talked to Kristina (Adelaide/Woodside Coordinator) about her volunteer role with the Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc.

Tell us about the group you volunteer for and your role

The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc is a non-profit organisation established to assist Navy, Army and Air Force families with a family member with special needs. The group provides support, information, assistance and advocacy for all ADF families who have a dependent (child, spouse or another dependent) with special needs.  As the South Australia local coordinator, I provide support and information to ADF families seeking assistance. I organise coffee mornings, gatherings and family days for local members.

How did you start volunteering?

I had been a member of the group for a few years in a variety of locations, and after we arrived in SA, the local coordinator was being posted out with her family.  With all of my 3 children now attending school I had more time to be able to assist the group which has helped and supported my family in the past.

Why do you volunteer?

It is an opportunity for me to give back and support the DSNSG community that has supported my family.

What does your group mean to you?

I am so glad that the DSNSG group is available for members. As we all know being a Defence family can be challenging and when you add in special needs consideration of a dependant, having a support network that can help guide and support you on this journey is invaluable.

Is there an event/activity that you are particularly proud of because of how it connected our Defence family community?

Due to Covid, many of our events this year have had to be postponed or cancelled.  I did really enjoy our DSNSG local group skating afternoon held last year.  We had members from all over Adelaide and Woodside join us for an afternoon of old school roller skating. It wasn’t just the kids who got out on the skates, a lot of the parents gave it a go and had a blast trying to outskate the kids.  Was great for the community to connect with other families who were new to the area in a fun environment. 

Is there something you would like to say to others that are thinking of volunteering? 

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you. It can help you to find friends, connect with the community and learn new skills.  So, give it a go!

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