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We talked to Bravery Trust

We recently talked to Belinda Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Bravery Trust, an organisation that supports current ADF members and veterans.

When was Bravery Trust established?

Bravery Trust was established in 2012 to meet a growing need for urgent financial support for members and ex-members injured during service, particularly due to modern conflict.  

We believe that Bravery Trust changes lives by ensuring that veterans and their families do not suffer as a consequence of their service and are provided with immediate support and assistance in their time of need.

Who do you support? 

We support serving members, ex-serving members, along with family members.

How do you support them?

Our team provides a tailored solution for each family.  We are there to provide urgent financial support and assistance.  For some, that may be help with paying a few weeks’ rent to provide some financial relief, for others it may be getting the car back on the road safely so that the family has their independence to attend medical appointments, employment and school.  We also have introduced financial counselling, enabling us to work with the family for a more financially sustainable future.

What do you have to do to be eligible for support?

We are able to assist where a family meets the following:

  1. Serving or ex-serving
  2. Injured or ill as a result of service
  3. In financial hardship

How do I ask for help?

Our team are there to have a confidential discussion with you about your circumstances.  We appreciate that every situation is different, and it can be stressful, hard and embarrassing to talk about.  It is brave to ask for help, and our team will work with you to find the right solution.  There are so many ways that you can ask for help:

  1. Call us during business hours on 1800 BRAVERY
  2. Visit our website and fill in our interactive application form
  3. Make an enquiry via our website
  4. Email us at


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