Advocating for Defence families

Werkling | A professional community that moves with you

Werkling is so very happy to be partnering with Defence Families of Australia and contributing to the very important work that they do in the space of partner employment.

Let us tell you a little bit about Werkling!

We are on a mission to make the professional gig economy a little more human. Werkling has created a community of exceptionally talented people who work ‘on-demand’ (i.e. freelancers, independent consultants and corporate escapees). In addition to providing a pathway for our amazing Talent Members to collaborate, learn and support each other, we connect them with gig opportunities with our Business Members.

Our Business Members are from a range of scale-up, SMB, corporate and government organisations.  They tap into our talent community to access a trusted pool of on-demand talent.

For now, Werkling’s members work within a core number of capability domains but we are set to expand over the coming month into the digital and tech space. We are happy to chat to anyone fab who works on-demand.

Werkling is very honest and transparent with our members. This year has been darn tough for anyone working on demand with many organisations pausing their contingent workforce spend. Werkling are out there every week building our business network and there has been a steady flow of gigs coming into our community. Small and medium sized businesses who are experiencing growth (despite the tough economic conditions!) are where we are finding the most opportunity right now.  From corporate leaders, what we are consistently hearing is a clear intention to more heavily lean on on-demand and professional gig talent in 2021 and beyond.   Werkling are committed to growing our talent community at a rate that is reflective of the market conditions to ensure realistic access to gig opportunities.

So! There are a few ways that Werkling would love to support you, the super impressive professional whose partner just so happens to work in the Defence Force.

Talent Membership

For those who work on-demand (ie. freelancers, independent consultants), we would love you to join Werkling as a Talent Member.  Your Talent Membership will give you…

  • Gig opportunities: We have established relationships across many industries including banking & finance, health, state & local government, logistics, tech, communication, aviation, manufacturing, utilities, sport, bio tech, tertiary education, FMCG, e-commerce, insurance and more. We are talking to leaders on your behalf, bringing gigs into the Werkling community and educating businesses on the benefits of on-demand talent.
  • Member benefits: We want to help you reduce the cost of doing business. Our member benefit program includes member-only coaching rates, Canva discounts, discounted short-courses at RMIT Online and more.  We are continuing to expand our benefit program.
  • Keep connected: Reducing freelancer isolation was one of our drivers for starting Werkling and it is now more important that ever. We are committed and passionate about bringing our community together.
  • Learning opportunities: We are big advocates for peer learning and will help you to carve out time to learn from the best (each other!). In addition to running events, we have resources and support available to our members.     

Social membership

For those who love the sound of Werkling but don’t need the gig side of things (because they work in-house or as an employee), we have Social Memberships.  Our Social Memberships give you an instantly expanded network and a diverse professional community. You can access all of our member benefits, learning opportunities and events, and can upgrade to a Business Membership at a discounted rate if a need for on-demand talent pops up

New talent and social members are able to access a 30 day free trial and then transition to a pay what you want membership. Our members pay a judgement-free amount that is reflective of the value that they experience and what they can reasonably afford.

We understand that the need to frequently relocate can be a real challenge for those who have partners in the Defence Force.  Our hope is that Werkling can provide a professional community that moves with you.  And, for those who work on-demand, can open up doors and provide access to gig opportunities.

For more information, please visit our website. Sign up and we will be in touch for a chat.

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