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We are pleased to announce another employer has joined our Defence Partner Friendly Employment Program.

Welcome Work Rehab.

Work Rehab employ multidisciplinary health professionals for rehabilitation, return to work and transition programs. A lot of their work is with transitioning veterans via the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Work Rehab is a provider of exceptional occupational rehabilitation and related services. We work with referrers and clients to deliver the right outcomes and meet their needs. We have a bias towards quality and achieving the best outcomes for referrers and clients. We engage highly skilled and experienced staff so that we can be the best at what we do.

Work Rehab has been successfully growing since our inception in 2011. We have gradually been expanding our services and locations based on performance, strong relationships and service delivery.

We offer a range of services including workplace rehabilitation, return to work, injury management, job placement and corporate wellness.

Our exceptional staff deliver services across multiple industries and sectors. We do so with a strong belief in the health benefits of work and in assisting individuals and organisations to achieve their potential. At the heart of Work Rehab, are our values and culture. We have prioritised these factors to ensure we create productive and harmonious workplaces that is engaging and supportive of our people.

Our Reach

Work Rehab’s network of offices services metropolitan and most regional centres across large areas of Australia.

We have permanent offices and local staff to ensure we can provide effective and timely service, where it is required.

Work Rehab prides itself in having strong relationships with many community organisations, local universities, schools, sporting clubs and charitable organisations.  We sponsor children’s sport in several communities and sponsor teams of staff to participate in several charity sporting activities. We are a donor to a local school that supports children with disability in Brisbane. We take our corporate citizenship very seriously and seek to do business with likeminded local companies.

We also appreciate the importance of diversity and reflecting the community in which we service. Last year we implemented a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to support our intent. We also have a reconciliation action plan under development to create initiatives aimed at closing the gap for Indigenous people.

Our People

Work Rehab strives to do the best to support our people.

We invest in their development, involve them in decision making and provide them with flexibility in the ways that they work.

We also make sure that we manage caseloads and provide access to mentors and ongoing training. Every member of our team has access to a personal Wellness Fund to assist with furthering their health and wellbeing each year this includes a Wellness Retreat with is a way of thanking our staff for their dedication and service.

Our Difference

We have some unique features that you won’t find in other businesses in our industry: 

We believe in growth for individuals and sustainable and durable outcomes – quality 

We only employ the best people and our approach puts people at the centre of what we do – capability 

We actively work with businesses and clients to get the very best tailored outcomes – collaboration 

Our services and approach are under-pinned by the biopsychosocial model, meaning that we take a broader set of considerations into account when investing our expertise and care in your people.

Our Quality

At Work Rehab we deliver exemplary outcomes. We have established a quality assurance program that ensures all our work is at the highest possible standards. Our quality assurance processes are embedded in the way we work.

We have won state and national awards and are recognised by the industry as a provider of excellence.

We focus on practical, client-centred methods of work and love nothing more than supporting ill and injured employees back to work or to find work.  optimise return to work outcomes.

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