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A taste of adventure for Townsville family

A little misunderstanding online over 10 years ago marked the start of an exciting journey for Defence family Gabby and Adam.

When Mexican-American Gabby saw Adam’s online profile location as being in SA, she thought he was in San Antonio, Texas.

As the couple continued to get to know each other (and established that Adam was actually in South Australia and not the United States), it was clear they had something special.

With a shared love of travel, the outdoors and food, they embarked on the life-changing journey to becoming a Defence family eight years ago.

Townsville is their first posting, and Gabby said it was the perfect location for their transition to military life with their two children, Liam and Aria, as well as their family dog and cat.

“It’s also a bit exciting, not knowing where we’re going next,” she said. “This also helps build up resilience in the kids.”

While it took some time for Gabby, a teacher, to adjust to being a military spouse, she has established a good network with local community groups and other Defence families.

“We’re pretty settled here, and there is a surprisingly large Spanish and South American community,” she said.

These connections and sense of belonging have helped allay some of Adam’s concerns about his family’s wellbeing if he is away.

“While it is hard going away from them, I feel supported and know they’re safe,” said Adam.

“Joining Defence helped give us a sense of stability as a family.”

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