Advocating for Defence families

Advocacy Map

View DFA Advocacy Map (Winter 2023 version)

This Advocacy Map is a snapshot in time of the advocacy work currently being undertaken by Defence Families of Australia (DFA). This is the fourth public version of this document, and will be a dynamic tool released bi-annually through the DFA newsletter, The Advocate.

This is a working document, with the full internal version being constantly updated. The internal version, which is for DFA team purposes only, also includes details of the decision makers, allies, and business case for each advocacy entry.

The aim of this public Advocacy Map is to provide transparency of the work DFA does, and to offer the opportunity for Defence families and other stakeholders to support these advocacy efforts. It will continue to developed and refined over time.

If you have questions relating to any advocacy entry, or wish to provide feedback on any issues not already listed, please email

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