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Defence life is full of acronyms. Here’s a few that might be helpful.

2LT – Second Lieutenant


AB – Able Seaman

AC/W – Aircraftman/Aircraftwoman

ACM – Air Chief Marshall

ADF – Australian Defence Force

ADFA – Australian Defence Force Academy

ADFDA – ADF District Allowance

ADFFSCC – ADF Financial Services Consumer Council

ADFHS – Australian Defence Force Health Services

ADML – Admiral

ADO – Australian Defence Organisation

AFR – Application for Relocation

AIRCDRE – Air Commodore

AIRMSHL – Air Marshal

ANZAC – Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

APS – Australian Public Service

ARA – Australian Regular Army

ATC – Army Training Command

ATC – Air Traffic Control

AVM – Air Vice- Marshall


BRIG Brigadier


CA – Chief of Army

CAF – Chief of Air Force

CAPT – Captain

CASG – Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group

CDF – Chief of the Defence Force

CDRE – Commodore

CDS – Chief Defence Scientist

CIO – Chief Information Officer

CMDR – Commander

CN – Chief of Navy

COL – Colonel

COMAST – Commander Australian Theatre

COMCARE – Compensation and Rehabilitation of

COMCARE – Compensation and Rehabilitation of Commonwealth Employees

COS – Conditions of Service

COSC – Chief of Staff Committee

CPL – Corporal

CPO – Chief Petty Officer

CSIG – Corporate Support and Infrastructure Group


DE – Directorate of Entitlements

DFA – Defence Families of Australia

DG – Director General

DGPERS – Director General of Personnel

DH&RP – Directorate of Housing & Relocations Policy

DHA – Defence Housing Australia

DMFS – Defence Member and Family Support (previously DCO)

DPAM – Directorate of Protocol and Attache Management

DPC – Defence Personnel Committee

DPE – Defence Personnel Executive

DRH – Directorate of Relocations & Housing

DRHMs – Defence Relocations and Housing Managers

DSG – Defence Support Group

DSNSG – Defence Special Needs Support Group

DSSC – Defence Service Staff College

DSM – Defence School Mentor

DSTO – Defence Science and Technology Organisation

DTMO – Defence Tax Management Office

DVA – Department of Veterans Affairs


EDLO – Education Liaison Officers


FASFP – First Assistant Secretary, Facilities and Property

FASPERS – First Assistant Secretary of Personnel

FBT – Fringe Benefits Tax

FLGOFF – Flying Officer

FLO – Family Liaison Officer (DCO)

FLTLT – Flight Lieutenant

FSAC – Family Support Advisory Committee

FSGT – Flight Sergeant


GPCAPT – Group Captain


HDPE – Head of Defence Personnel Executive

HQ – Headquarters

HQADF –  Headquarters Australian Defence Force


JSSC – Joint Services Staff College


KPI – Key Performance Indicator


LAC/W – Leading Aircraftman/Aircraftwoman

LCDR – Lieutenant Commander

LCPL – Lance Corporal

LEUT – Lieutenant

LI – Living In’ in a barracks, mess or similar accommodation

LIA – Living In Accommodation

LOG – Logistics

LS – Leading Seaman

LTCOL – Lieutenant Colonel

LTGEN – Lieutenant General


MA – Meal allowance

MAJ – Major

MAJGEN – Major General

MCR – Military Compensation Review

MIDN – Midshipman

MIER – Management Initiated Early Retirement

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

MPLS – Ministerial and Parliamentary Liaison Services

MRU – Members Required in Uniform

MSBS – Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme

MSO – Military Support Officer

MWD – Member with Dependants

MWD(U) – Member with Dependants (unaccompanied)

MWOD – Member without Dependants


NWCC – National Welfare Coordination Centre


OH&S – Occupational Health and Safety

OIC / OC – Officer in Charge; 2IC Second in Charge

OPSEC – Operational Security


PACMAN – ADF Pay and Conditions Manual

PEAP – Partner Employment Assistance Program

PEEP  – Partner Education and Employment Program (superceded)

PERS – Personnel

PLTOFF – Pilot Officer

PM&C – Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

PO – Petty Officer

POC – Point of Contact

PPEC – Personnel Policy and Employment Conditions

PSG – Policy and Strategic Guidance

PSYCH-AF – RAAF Psychology Service

PSYCH-N – Directorate of Psychology (Navy)

PTE – Private

PVI – Pre Vacation Inspection


RA – Rental Allowance

RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force

RADM – Rear Admiral

RAEME – Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

RAN – Royal Australian Navy

RAR – Royal Australian Regiment

RDFWA – Regular Defence Force Welfare Association

RDO – Regional Development Office/Rostered Day Off

REDLO – Regional Education District Liaison Officer

RLLT – Remote Location Leave Travel

RSL – Returned Servicemans League

RSM – Regimental Sergeant Major

RSM-A – Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army


SASR – Special Air Service Regiment

SASRA – Special Air Service Regiment Auxiliary

SBLT – Sub Lieutenant

SEC – Secretary

SES – Senior Executive Service (Public Service)

SGADF – Surgeon General Australian Defence Force

SGT – Sergeant

SMN – Seaman

SPP – Strategic Policy and Plans

SQNLDR – Squadron Leader

SR – Service Residence

SSGT – Staff Sergeant


TAA – Temporary Accommodation Allowance

TRA – Temporary Rental Assistance


VADM – Vice Admiral

VCDF – Vice Chief of the Defence Force


WGCDR – Wing Commander

WO – Warrant Officer

WO – N – Warrant Officer of the Navy

WO2 – Warrant Officer Class 2

WOFF – Warrant Officer

WOFF-AF – Warrant Officer of the Air Force


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