ADF Family Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey for 2019.

The survey was administered online in June 2019 and 3,652 people responded.

Our Priorities

For the first time in an ADF Families Survey, respondents were asked in the 2019 survey to select the three most important considerations for them as a Defence family. Here are the top three results from the recently released report for families with dependent children and those without.

Without dependent children:

  • ADF member’s partner’s employment 54%
  • Housing quality and location 53%
  • Financial stability and ADF member’s absence’s from home 40%

With dependent children:

  • Children’s education 65%
  • Housing quality and location 46%
  • ADF member’s partner’s employment 34%

These results are important because they confirm that DFA’s advocacy priorities need to stay focused on partner employment and housing location. And we’ve heard you that your children’s education and wellbeing is extremely important to you. 

Defence has heard you too and Defence Community Organisation is currently engaged in a study into the needs of ADF families with children including future support requirements.

Discussions are also taking place about what can be done about the location of our housing.

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