National Delegate: Sarah Felber


I am privileged to be given the opportunity to represent the region of Southern Queensland as National Delegate for Defence Families of Australia.

Like most Defence families, I have moved regularly with my husband and three children over the past 9 years living in Sydney, Darwin, Townsville and Brisbane. I have experienced many of the challenges Defence life entails such as relocations, deployments, frequent partner absence and establishing new social networks, childcare and education for children as well as spouse employment.

I feel passionate that the views of families need to be represented when making decisions concerning the policy that affects them and look forward to hearing from families representing all three services based in Southern Queensland. I also look forward to working with local command, DCO and ex-service providers to support local families.


Follow our regional Facebook page and check out the Defence Community Hub for more information on Southern Queensland.

Contact Sarah on [email protected] or phone 0418 939 675