Advocating for Defence families

Defence need to take a people-centric approach

As the Department of Defence undergo significant reform and restructure, there are understandably aspects of ‘old ways of working’ that come up as not having been administered well.

In light of recent news about some marine specialists having to repay any money paid to them incorrectly, DFA are advocating for Defence to take a people-centric approach to any Defence maladministration identified.

Particularly with the current cost of living crisis in Australia, it is not in line with Defence values to make soldiers, sailors and aviators out of pocket thousands of dollars for an historic Defence mistake in allowance and conditions administration.

In a workforce crisis, if the public perception is that Defence can slug its soldiers with a bill every time Defence makes an administrative error, it’s not an attractive employment offering.

We urge Defence to strongly consider the wellbeing of their people and their families.

If you would like to share your own family experience about this topic, please contact the DFA National Delegate for your area on the details listed at

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