Advocating for Defence families

In unsettling times, we can ALL do our part.

hanks to Mrs Mully an Australian military partner currently living in the USA for a posting for her thoughts on the current pandemic.

COVID-19 has changed the world as we knew it and the effects have been devastating. They are especially devastating for those families who have lost loved ones! The effects have also been devastating for businesses, for those who have either lost their job or who are currently unable to work due to the government’s restrictions.

It has bought out the best in many people but also the worst in some!

Our behaviour at times like this must always be reassessed. Are we doing the best not just for ourselves but for all others? Are we social distancing as advised, are we leaving our homes only for the right reasons (work food, medical appointments, exercise, and other essential reasons) or are we being reckless?

Watching and reading the news stories from around the world have left me quite dismayed. The footage of people hoarding toilet paper (baffled everybody) along with other groceries and at times leaving nothing on the shelves for others, the large groups of people at the beach or parks to those that have been spitting or coughing on others has been appalling. 

In a world where so many preach their goodness via social media, their awareness of the earth/surroundings, asking people to be the kind why are we behaving with such an individualist view? Why are we not conducting ourselves in ways that will benefit each other, benefit the elderly, benefit those that have underlying health conditions, benefiting those that are working crazy hours in the hospitals, paramedics, the cleaners, those that are keeping patients feed, the grocery workers and all other essential workers?

It’s time that once again the minority of people are making decisions for the majority of us. The directions are clear, the instructions are clear, the pleading is clear – Stay Home! 

It’s time to rise, be a member of the community not just somebody who lives there. We are so fortunate that this is not wartime, we have food, we have resources and we have great medical/essential workers to keep us going. We are not rationed on supplies, there are no sirens of incoming bombings, all we have to do is stay home for the greater of the community, your health and that of your family.

Be kind, be considerate and stay healthy.

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