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Moving Tips with Toll

It’s that time of the year again when many Defence families are on the move. We’ve put this post together in conjunction with Toll to help make your move as smooth as possible.

Make sure anything you don’t want packed, is put in a safe location, like a bathroom…and let the removalists know where this is.

In order to get your move underway, complete your Application for Relocation (AFR) and your Inventory on Toll’s Defence website:    If you have moved with Toll previously, you will be able to access your most recent Inventory of Household Goods and Personal effects to update and edit for your new relocation. When you have done this, Toll will start making the arrangements for your move.

First things first – Read Toll’s Defence Relocation Guide

Available on Toll’s Defence Website , the Relocation Guide will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities throughout your relocation. Please pay particular attention to Chapter 3 which provides you with the information you need to be appropriately prepared for your removal and Chapter 4 for full details of Toll’s Warranty Scheme including Repair, Like-for-like replacement & New replacement cover within predefined categories/ages.

Download the Toll Move Plan App

Toll Move Plan App (Toll MPL) – Toll Transitions have a mobile phone application for Defence Members. The Toll MPL app gives you easy access to your relocation itinerary and allowance payments including the following information:

  • Allowances
  • Removal Dates
  • Travel Dates (including airline information if travelling by air)
  • Accommodation details for Losing and Gaining locations
  • Accommodation information including facilities, accommodation pictures and nearby features.

It is a highly recommended to download and install this app prior to your removal to get the best use out of it. 

You can logon to the Toll Move Plan App using the same valid username and password you use to access Toll Transitions’ website

App is available for Android and Apple devices and can be found here: Google


Leading up to your move

If Toll has been provided with sufficient notice for you move, you will be provided with a carton kit, a small supply of boxes including portarobes, which will be delivered to your residence prior to your pre-pack. Pack clothes and personal items into these boxes. More boxes will be delivered on the day of the uplift if required. Be aware that if the removalist does not pack all items, other than your clothes and personal items, then as detailed in Toll’s Defence Relocation Guide (page 30) the Toll Transitions Warranty System may not apply.

  • Where possible, do a clean out of your belongings. Hire a skip bin, donate items or have a garage sale. It’s amazing what you can accumulate over time, and with an assessment of your goods, you may decide you don’t want to move them all to your new location.

On the day of the move (uplift)

  • It is a good idea to keep a cupboard or room aside for items that you do not want to be packed by the removalists. Make sure that this area is clearly marked and that you let the removalists know not to enter/pack the contents of the area that you have set aside.
  • You will be provided with a number of priority cartons for your removal. These are the last boxes that are loaded on to the truck and the first items to come off. Make sure that you pack items into these cartons that you will need as soon as you arrive in your new location (e.g. tv remotes, bed legs, kettle, screws, keys to lockable furniture etc.)
  • Although your items are covered by warranty during the removal, if an item has sentimental value or is irreplaceable, consider taking the item with you. Whilst every care is taken with your items, sometimes damage or loss can occur despite everyone’s best efforts, and it is better to be safe than sorry with special items.
  • Toll’s warranty does not cover damage to flat pack items that are not disassembled prior to packing (e.g. garage shelves). It is your responsibility to dismantle these in advance of the removal (and reassemble them at your destination). Removalists are responsible for disassembling (and reassembling on delivery) all beds, excluding cots, loft beds and gas lift beds. It is a good idea to either place the screws for your beds in your priority boxes, or to place them in a zip lock bag and tape them securely to the bed.
  • Removal trucks are very heavy (especially when fully loaded with your special cargo) and are not permitted to park on driveways or lawns, unless prior approval from DHA (if the property is managed by them) or yourself (if it is your own home or a RA property) has been given for the removalist to park on the driveway or lawn. They are generally expected to park on the street. If you live on a busy street where the truck is unable to park, please let Toll know in advance and they will advise the removal company who will park on a side street and utilise a ferry vehicle to move items from your home to the truck.
  • The removalists contracted by Toll to undertake your removal have very clear expectations set by Toll on how they will handle your items during the pre-pack (and delivery) and also on how they will behave whilst on site and treat you and your family.

    If at any time during your removal you are unhappy, feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you are able to ask the removalists to take a short break whilst you call Toll.

    Toll can be contacted on 1800 819 167, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call centre is open 8am – 9pm AESTduring the peak posting period. Outside of these hours, Toll still have staff available to assist you.
  • All removalists carry a tablet device that gives them access to an electronic Inventory Condition Report (eICR) with the details of your removal, including your inventory. The removalists will apply a numbered sticker to each furniture item and carton, and the number is noted against that furniture item or carton on the eICR on their tablet device, (they no longer use the paper forms). Once the removalist has completed your pre-pack, they will ask you to sign the tablet confirming that the uplift has been completed and that you agree with the condition of your furniture / cartons as noted by the removalist on the eICR. DO NOT sign the tablet until you have done a walk around of your property to ensure that all items have been packed. If you sign the tablet device and the removalists depart and you then find that items have been left behind, the items will be your responsibility to move.
  • Damage to your residence – if the removalist causes damage to your service residence (either during uplift or delivery) this should be noted on the eICR before you sign off on the uplift / delivery. Please also contact Toll immediately to advise of the situation, ideally whilst the removalist is still at your residence or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Washing machines,refrigerators,dishwashers (whitegoods) must be drained and wiped dry and cleaned. Washing machine bowls should be secured by you (refer to manufacturer’s instructions).

On day of delivery

  • Again, if during your delivery you are unhappy with how your items are being handled, feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can ask the removalists to take a short break whilst you call Toll on 1800 819 167.
  • Agreed Defence hours for removal services are Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm from September until May. If your removalists tell you it’s knock off time at 4pm and your items are not fully unpacked, contact Toll immediately. Likewise, if it looks like the removalists will not have completed the unpack of your delivery prior to 7pm, contact Toll who will assess the situation and make alternative arrangements if necessary.
  • Generally only items that are unpacked by the removalists are covered by warranty, so if you have elected for the removalist to leave some boxes packed for you to unpack yourself at a later time, be sure to make sure they are not cartons with breakable items (as identified at uplift). If the cartons are marked as “breakable” the removalists are required to unpack them.  It is best practice to make sure that the removalists fully unpack breakable items such as kitchen and to check (if possible) items such as TVs and high value items on the day.
  • If any essential items (such as fridges or beds) are lost or damaged during your removal please contact Toll immediately and they will organise for replacement items to be hired and delivered to you until your items can be assessed by the Toll Warranty Team.

Hopefully the information and tips outlined above will help you to have a successful relocation.

Remember, you can always call Toll to ask questions about your move on 1800 819 167.

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