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Partner Employment Initiatives

Partner employment remains our top advocacy issue when we talk with families around Australia. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the PwC ADF Spouse Networking event in Canberra on Tuesday.

For those that were not able to attend, we want to share with you some of what happened on the night.


Staff from PwC shared with attendees information about the new Managed Professional Services arm of their business with Defence and the potential employment opportunities that will at this stage arise from July.

Canberra is the first location where roles will be available, with Adelaide likely the next location. These positions will vary from administration, finance, supply chain work through to management level.

Staff shared that enhancing their diversity and inclusion is a critical part of PwC Australia’s vision, values and strategy.


This attitude was visible when one of the attendees expressed concerns about her patchy resume and this was not immediately seen as a detriment. Rather, knowing the life that has been led behind the resume, it was acknowledged that this can also mean a more interesting candidate with a lot to offer.

During the event PwC Director Glenn Brown spoke about his own childhood in a US military family and how he understood the challenges associated with Defence life.

As these roles involve working with Defence and could include flexible work arrangements, Defence partners are seen as a good fit.

To express an interest in working with PwC, partners need to contact Becky (Talent Acquisitions Manager) at PwC on: 


Partners can also contact Carole at PwC in Perth

Connecting our ADF partners to employers who understand both our value and some of the unique challenges we face is an important aspect of addressing Defence partner employment needs.

In connecting some of our Canberra partners with PwC this week, DFA is pleased to have been able to play a part.

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