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Relocations and Housing – Defence Relocations and Housing Managers

Do you know there is someone in Defence who can assist you with your housing and relocation?

**Note: Contact details for DRHMs updated 3 April 2023 – this information may not be current. DFA are an advocacy group and not the service provider. This service is provided by Defence.

There are Defence Relocations and Housing Managers (DRHM) in locations around Australia and they can provide advice and guidance if you have issues or questions arising out of relocations and housing service delivery. You can email the DHRM group or contact your local DRHM*.

DRHMs undertake a wide range of activities including:

  • provide relocation and housing advice to members and their families; maintain customer/provider relationships by participating in regular meetings and discussions with Toll Transitions and DHA managers to identify trends and improve services; assist members to resolve difficulties experienced regarding housing provision, maintenance, and removals; and provide advice and guidance to members and their families to resolve disputes with Toll Transitions or DHA from the provision of removal and housing services.

If you have any feedback on relocations and/or housing you can contact your DRHM, DHA or TOLL or you may be invited to provide feedback by your DRHM or through Defence, DHA or TOLL surveys.

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