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RSL Employment Program

The RSL Employment program is free and tailor made to support veterans and the partners of current and ex-serving ADF members in their search for meaningful employment. 

The right role can give you purpose and direction. It can help you grow and develop in a fulfilling career. And it can help you settle in after relocating. But sometimes it can be hard to explain your skills and qualifications or find a career that can travel with you when your partner gets a new posting.

Our highly trained Employment Team will work closely with you to help you find your own path through:

  • career counselling
  • help translating your skills for the job market
  • help interpreting selection criteria, and writing CVs, application letters and social media profiles
  • interview skills
  • connections to employers throughout Australia.

“I think the services most valuable to me were the team assisting me with reviewing my CV because I hadn’t been in the workforce for a number of years after having small children. They also help me deal with interview technique and really reaching out there to get some work experience and some employment contacts.”

– Kate, Partner of ex-Defence member

The program is currently available in most States within Australia and received grant funding from the Australia Government.

We’ve helped over 100 Defence partners secure meaningful employment. Let us help you on your career journey.

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