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Open Letter to Employers

Dear Employer,

To start with we would like to say a big THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for doing everything you can to keep us safe during this time.

Thank you for making the changes needed so if we could, we can continue to do what we love, from home.

Thank you for providing the flexibility so that we could work in the office in shifts to minimise our contact with others.

Thank you for accommodating our sporadic working hours, most of which occurred outside of what would normally be considered traditional working hours. 

Thank you for understanding we are doing the best that we can during a time that is completely out of the bounds of what would be considered normal.

As you start to consider a slow return to what was previously considered normal, can we please ask that we are able to retain some of the flexibility, accommodation and understanding.

For years we have been asking for the ability to work remotely, to work flexibly. We love doing what we do, and we love working for you; we just don’t always want to have to travel into the office in peak hour traffic to be able to do it.

For years you have been telling us that remote work isn’t an option, that flexible hours and split shifts weren’t an option. However this pandemic has shown that it is.

For the managers and team leaders who want everyone back in the office because it suits their management style, can you please consider potentially using this opportunity to develop your stretch area? Maybe you could consider your team and their strengths and areas for growth and make a considered choice in your delegation.

If you give us this chance we won’t be doing it while we are trying to facilitate home learning, while we are trying to conduct quick fire negotiations around work priorities with our partners who are also trying to work from home.

If possible we would love to show you how this can continue to work, even if it’s just one or two days a week to start with.

If it’s a too big of an ask straight away, can we please ask that you consider this when we get the next posting order that asks us to move 2,000 km away, we would love to keep doing what we are doing, for you.

Perhaps you don’t want to provide this option because you think that everyone is going to want to continue to do it. We can tell you that some people miss the daily interaction with others that comes from working centrally and want desperately to be back in the office with the break it gives them from home.

We promise we will continue to work hard for you remotely.

We promise we will continue to be productive.

We promise we will remain accessible.

We appreciate that you place more value on outcomes than on face time.

We truly appreciate the trust you have shown us.

Thank you

Your ADF Partner Employee

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