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Meet our new Employment Officer!

At DFA, we are committed to advocating for more initiatives to assist our Defence partners gain and maintain meaningful employment.

Partner employment continues to be a critical issue for both partners and DFA.

Recently in partnership with the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) we held a successful webinar for partners which discussed Career Support.

We want to educate Australian businesses on what they can do to recruit, hire and retain Defence partners as valuable employees.

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What makes an employer Defence partner employment friendly?

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Employers that identify as Defence partner employment friendly

During July (2018) we presented a poster at the Australian Families Conference advocating more solutions for ADF Partner Employment.

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Green Dot The Fine Print

The employment relationship between Defence partners and their employers is a private one in which DFA and Defence has no involvement;

DFA and Defence provide no guarantee, warranty, representation or statement about the quality of the employers and the claims that they make;

DFA does not have the resources to check whether the employers listed here are compliant with the checklist;

Therefore, Defence partners should consider conducting private research about prospective employers;

Please contact DFA if you believe that an employer does not meet the criteria on the checklist;

DFA welcomes feedback – positive or negative. Your comments will help us improve this space in the interests of Defence partners.

Please contact DFA at: partneremployment@dfa.org.au