Advocating for Defence families

Partner Employment

Over 18 months from 2019-2021, the DFA Defence Partner Friendly Employment Program worked to raise awareness of ADF Partner employment.

During this time:

  • 60 organisations were consulted to progress issues around partner employment
  • 138 job opportunities were shared with the DFA community
  • 3 partners jobs transferred on posting to new location
  • 20+ partners gained employment
  • 23 blog posts & 6 webinars were produced on employment related topics
  • Partners and employers contacted us privately for advocacy for partner employment.

DFA collaborated with a range of employers and service providers, and are pleased with the increased focus on meeting the unique needs of partners. We have raised the profile of this issue and demonstrated how partner support can be a win-win!

To best focus on this advocacy, the in house program was ceased from 30 June 2021. 

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this initiative including employment advocates, partners and the employers that supported us and shared our work. 

Our program report captures our learning and makes a number of recommendations for employers and service providers to further grow initiatives to support ADF Partner Employment. The executive summary of this report can be downloaded below.


Employment resources for Defence Partners can be found here

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